Ground Handling / Charters


CRW Services

Ground Handling

CRW Services maintains a fleet of ground handling equipment and is available for Charter or Scheduled air carrier ground handling needs. CRW Services personell are experienced in ground handling all narrow body commercial aircraft and have worked scheduled services for AirTran and Spirit Airlines; in addition to numerous charter carriers. file010049

Charter Coordination

CRW Services will provide assistance with all ground handling requests and make all necessary arrangements with other airport departments and businesses for inbound charter flights.

Services available include:

Ticket counter passenger and baggage check-in
Passenger boarding
Baggage handling
Aircraft marshaling
Aircraft cabin cleaning
Aircraft servicing: water and lavatory
Aircraft ground power
Mobile boarding stairs or jetbridge
Aircraft heating and cooling unit
Aircraft Airstart
Overnight Aircraft parking
Aircraft pushback and towing

Contact Information

For general inquiries and submitting of ground handling RFP please contact:

Travis Ryan
100 Airport Road – suite 175
Charleston, WV 25311
Office Phone: 304-344-8033
Fax: 304 344 8034