Parking at Yeager Airport is affordable and hassle free. The two long-term parking garages and the short-term parking lot are just a short walk from the passenger terminal. Convenience and less expensive parking than major airports are just two more reasons to choose Yeager Airport.

Directions to Parking

The long-term entrances are first as you round the hill at the top of Airport Road. Continue around the circle and past the terminal building to the short-term entrance.



Grace Period – 7 minutes
0-1 Hour $1.00
1-2 Hours $3.00
2-3 Hours $5.00
3-4 Hours $7.00
4-5 Hours $9.00
5-24 Hours $10.00


0-2 Hours $4.00
2-6 Hours $5.00
6-10 Hours $6.00
10-24 Hours $9.00
Daily Rate $9.00 (As many days as needed)

20 Minute Lot

20 minute free parking across street from main terminal